ABSATF Youth Coalition’s Above the Influence Campaign

For two years, the Youth Coalition (YC) has participated in the national Above the Influence campaign, including creating the poster above which was displayed on three billboards and the windows of more than 40 businesses and organizations throughout Allston-Brighton. YC members created the poster to depict positive influences in their lives that help them say no to the negative influences, such as alcohol and drugs.

"I feel like I have the power to impact our community for the better," said Julia Roberto, YC member. "Just being able to raise awareness and spread this idea of staying above the influence and hope into our community is rewarding within itself. I just hope to spread awareness of a major problem in our community [substance abuse] and get the discussion of solutions to this out there."

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Sticker Shock

The Youth Coalition (YC) participates in an environmental underage drinking prevention strategy known as "Sticker Shock" at package stores within the Allston-Brighton community. During the "Sticker Shock" activity, YC members place educational stickers on boxes of beer that remind store customers that it is illegal to supply alcohol to anyone under age 21 and the penalties they may face as a result of supplying.

"Sticker Shock" activities are performed at Reservoir Wine & Spirits in Brighton, Marty’s Big Buys in Allston, and Star Market on Commonwealth Ave in Allston.

The YC plans to continue performing "Sticker Shock" and expand the reach of the activity by partnering with new package stores throughout the community.

Youth Coalition (YC) member Michelle Cho places a decal on the door of Marty's Big Buys during the December 2015 "Sticker Shock" event reminding store patrons of the penalties of supplying alcohol to people under the age of 21.

Above the Influence

The Youth Coalition (YC) is expanding the reach of the Above the Influence (ATI) program in the Allston Brighton community. ATI is a program and movement that empowers young people to recognize and face influences around us, including pressures to abuse drugs and alcohol. The ATI program has many different activities to engage youth in healthy discussions about alcohol and substance abuse (some examples include: how to help a friend, stress and stress management, and thinking about personal branding).

This project is made possible by generosity of The Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger and Charlesview Charitable Fund at Charlesview, Inc. The Allston Brighton Substance Abuse Youth Coalition expansion and the Above the Influence grant aims to help ABSATF further the reach of prevention efforts in the community and impact youth who are a crucial age for decision making regarding drugs and alcohol.

The YC will be implementing ATI for middle school students at the Josephine A. Fiorentino Community Center and at the Gardner Pilot Academy with their Griffin Scholars. Collaboration between Youth Coalition members and middle school students will result in a community art project that showcases positive influences in the lives of Allston Brighton youth. The art project will be displayed throughout the community beginning in Summer 2016.

YC members with the GPA Griffin Scholars during ATI workshop

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